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Capturing Grace Photography is now offering technical and artistic workshops for children and adults.

camera classes


Classes are customized to fit the needs of the learners. Before we start I will send you a questionnaire to determine what topics you would like me to cover. Some technical topics may include:

  • What is aperture and how can I use it to blur the background?
  • How can I keep my photos from being too green or too blue?
  • How can I take photos in low light?
  • What kinds of lenses are best?
  • What kinds of changes can I make to my photos in Photoshop?
  • How can I resize photos?

All classes are taught in a workshop format, so each follows a certain flow.

  1. I introduce the objective for the day.
  2. I model the skill I want learners to gain.
  3. We practice the skill in the group with me offering feedback and suggestions.
  4. I give an assignment for independent practice.
  5. We share the results of the independent practice and receive feedback.

Topics build on one another and include open-ended projects so that each 6 week series is different than the one before. This is perfect for Homeschoolers who may wish to take Photo courses all year long. However, I also offer an abbreviated “All in One” class for adults who want to book a single day workshop.

Materials Needed

In order to participate in the workshops, students will need access to a DSLR camera. You can use the kit lens that came with the camera but I will suggest purchasing a 50mm prime lens which is a low-cost and very versatile lens. If you need to rent a camera or a lens I can direct you to several online equipment rental companies.

I also ask that students have a notebook to take notes and to write down questions between sessions.

Access to a computer and Photoshop are necessary for students who wish to learn post-processing techniques. Photoshop offers a 30 day free trial.


One Day Workshop: three hour abbreviated workshop for adults or teens. This class can be used as a general introduction to digital photography OR for a specific topic covered in depth. Portrait photographers are welcome to book a workshop to help sharpen their skills. Discount given if you sign up for a second workshop within three months.                                                              $199

Six Week Series: We will meet one day per week for a ninety minute class. Discount given if you sign up for a second series within three months.                                                                            $329

Prices above are for a single participant. Group lessons receive a discounted rate. Classes that occur more than 20 miles from zip code 21146 may incur a travel fee.

If you are interested in booking photography classes for yourself or your group click the CONTACT button above to send me a message. I will get back to you within one business day.

I look forward to helping you learn all about photography!