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The Best Days Ever {San Francisco Newborn & Child Photographer}

Being a mom is much like trying to enjoy the BEST DAY EVER at the carnival…with a blindfold on.

All the wonderful things you were looking forward to are right there in front of you, the smells and the excitement,  you can hear all the other fair-goers squeal in enjoyment, the energy is buzzing and you know that this is truly a day like no other… but you can’t help but think about how much better it would be if only you could just open your eyes and see it…

Fall brings with it a barrage of sappy stories and images which float around on social media…moms lamenting about their babies growing up too fast, Target sale ads promising to provide you with everything you need for this season’s rite of passage, requisite snapshots of your best friend’s little girl on her first day of Kindergarten, all decked out in fresh black leather strappy shoes and wearing a wide smile full of possibility…

I am narrowly missing the milestone this year.  My baby is still a baby.  For one more year.  No gap-toothed smiles or Welcome to Kindergarten banners for me this year.  For 365 more glorious days I will get to hold that chubby little preschool hand in mine while we go about our daily routine…trips to the grocery store, to the library, to the park, and wherever we go I will still get to hold on tight.  For just a little bit longer.  But although I am spared this year from the letting go, I can’t help but feel all that sadness and all that nostalgia from all my fellow moms as if it is my own.

I found myself sneaking into my baby girl’s room last night, after she had fallen asleep.   I took her chubby hand in mine and felt her warmth.  I put her hand to my lips and choked back the tears so I didn’t wake her.  I vowed that this year I would take off the blindfold and enjoy this last year of babyhood for all it’s worth.  That next time she asks me to play princesses my answer won’t be “not now, I am working.”  That when she tells me one of the many stories she has concocted in her imagination about her baby dolls I won’t tell her to stop talking and eat her lunch so we can keep on schedule.  That when she asks to cuddle on my lap for just a few more minutes before bedtime I will let it happen.

Because being a mom is the most trying, mundane, tedious job on the planet sometimes.  And sometimes all we want is a moment alone, to breathe and to think our own thoughts and remember who it is we are besides “mom.”  But when you strip away all the frustrations, ignore the laundry, forget about the mile long to-do list and overlook the countless piles of toys and crumbs that are obscuring your view, you will see that each and every imperfect moment you get to spend holding those chubby little hands in your heart truly do add up to a day like no other.