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Newborn Photo Session Preparation

Getting the Baby & Your Home Ready

Newborn Sessions are most successful when the baby is full and content!  However, all babies are different. Some will stay asleep the entire session. Some will stay awake watching the whole time. ALL of that is normal because every baby is different! I do not expect anything from your baby except squishy cuteness! However, I do have  some suggestions that can maximize the time we have together and help us to get the most variety in poses from your session.

1. Crank up the heat! Babies like a warm, cozy room, especially when they are posing naked! If you have a space heater please have it available for our session.

2. Please dress baby in a simple, solid colored onsie. I will start with some natural photos of him or her.

3. Feed baby right before you I arrive and make sure he is good and full!

4. Have some bottles or expressed milk ready. Babies can get cranky with all the posing and may like to eat more than usual.

5. Have a pacifier at the session, even if you do not plan to use one.   Sometimes baby will wake a little when transitioning between poses and the pacifier will soothe him or her right back to sleep.

6. Go through your house and remove any excess objects that may take away from the photos. No, I don’t need you to clean the house for me–you just had a baby!!! But I do suggest removing piles of books and magazines from your bedside tables and coffee table and making the rooms you want to use during the session organized.

I will work with the space in your home. I don’t need a special spot and you don’t need to move furniture, etc. At the session we will talk about what spaces in your home are best for the photos and go from there.


The Flow

When I arrive at your home I will take a peek at your house. I will let you know which areas I think are best for photos and you will share the hopes you have for your session. At that time you can share any props or outfits you would like to include. I will show you what items I have brought to use in your session.

Generally I start with baby by him or herself. This helps you get a chance to get to know me before I start making you smile on command! Your job is to sit back and relax. Occasionally I will ask you to hold a blanket or spot the baby for safety. I photograph baby in your master bedroom as well as in the nursery. If there is an older sibling I will do some photos with him or her next before we move on to whole group shots.


Getting Yourselves Ready

The best thing you can do to prepare yourselves for the photo session is to relax!  If you are anxious your baby will pick up on that.  Be assured that your sweet little one will be kept cozy and safe the entire session, and that I will give you beautiful photos to treasure forever!  There may be some fussing or peeing or pooping along the way, but all of that is normal!

Some moms and dads (and siblings) want to be photographed with their sweet new arrival.  Some only want me to photograph the baby.  But if you plan to be in the photos here are some tips for what looks best in photos.  These rules apply to anyone who will be photographed with baby.

1.  Soft and light colors are best.  You want baby to be the center of attention and a patterned shirt may take the attention away from your sweet bundle of joy!  Here are some color palettes that work well with newborn sessions.  However the colors aren’t as important as the subtlety!

2.  Opt for subtle patterns or no patterns at all.  Again, you don’t want to take the focus away from baby with a busy plaid shirt or striped blouse.

3.  Stay away from logos.  No t-shirt with the name of your favorite college sports team!

4.  Jewelry is nice, again if it is subtle!  Dad, take off the chunky wristwatch.  Mom, opt for the shorter necklace that won’t cover baby with beads in every shot!

5.  Be comfortable!  Dress in something that makes you feel good and that you can move around in. Dressing up is nice, but a formal dress will not be easy to move in.  Be sure you are showing YOUR style in the photos also.

6.  Finally, family and sibling shots are generally close-ups to keep the focus on your little one.  Keep this in mind when choosing clothes.

If you are in need of some tips for clothes you can always send me a photo of the outfits you have chosen and I will offer feedback!

I hope I have answered all of your questions, but if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to ask!  I am very excited to help you create memories that will last forever!


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