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How Does She Do That? {San Francisco Newborn Photography} {Novato Newborn Photography}

When people visit my studio they often look at the photos on the wall.  And they always stop and stare at the sweet baby girl in the “froggy pose.”   That pose everyone loves so much where baby is holding his or her head in their hands.  Or, cheeks, as my little girl calls it!  It is named froggy because of how the baby’s feet are positioned.

newborn safety

People always ask, “How do you get the baby to hold their head up like that?!”  The answer is, I don’t.  It is a bit of Photoshop magic!  In some cases, I am sure it is possible to position baby like this and snap a photo.  But that makes me nervous!  What if they jerk backwards and hurt their neck?  So I always do the froggy pose (and other complex poses)as a composite.  A composite is simply a photo made up of two or more photos put together in Photoshop.  Here is what I mean:

Novato Newborn Photography

Here this sweet baby girl’s head is being held by her mama while I snap a photo.  And yes, they actually sleep like that!  This is why I like to do newborn photos when baby is just a few days old!

Novato Newborn Photography

Now here mom put her left hand on baby’s wrists before removing her right hand from baby’s head.

Then, I take both photos and layer them in Photoshop, lining them up carefully, perform my edits and viola!  Froggy!  Any pose that you see where baby is in a position that could be unsafe is most likely (hopefully) a composite.  If I can’t do a shot safely I won’t do it at all!

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